The Sense of Life
Improve yourself, live consciously, find your purpose
learn yourself better and set the right goals with the self help tips, coaching questions & exercises in the workshop book "The Sense of Life. In the search for ikigai"

Personal growth is an endless journey into our own self. We do not turn into another person, but only reveal our hidden potential. Finding your ikigai - the sense and purpose of your life - is the one of the most important stages in the personal development.
After the book "The Sense of Life" you will...
how to become happy and positive
learn yourself better
performing exercises, you will learn more about what makes you happy, you will have to surround yourself with these things and, as a result, become happier
guide to happiness
discover troubleshooting techniques,
used by professional coaches to work with clients, and you can apply them on your own in the future
finding your ikigai
get closer to your ikigai
reveal your talents and cravings for certain activities and understand how to make them profitable and necessary for society

In addition, in book you will find:

12 exercises, awakening your awareness, increasing self-esteem and inspiring to new accomplishments
30 questions, useful not only for the search for a pleasant and profitable work, but also in many other spheres of life
pages for notes, on which you can write all your thoughts, feelings, and insights during the work with a book
"We make the best decisions in life when we allow the free mind to cooperate with a sensitive heart."

What is ikigai?


The word "Ikigai" means the activity you love, what you are good at, what people need, and what you can be paid for
My technique
Based on this concept and the experience of many clients, I developed an authoring technique that will lead you to your ikigai step by step
Once upon a time, a woman in a coma was dying. Suddenly she heared the voice of her ancestors: "Who are you?"
"I am the wife of the mayor," she replied. "I did not ask whose wife you are but who you are."

"I am the one who wakes up each day to care for my family, and nurture the young minds of the children at my school."

The next morning, she woke, feeling a deep sense of meaning and purpose. She had discovered her ikigai.

Who am I?

Anastasiia Malinska
Kiev, Ukraine. 27 years old
Bachelor of Publishing (2008 - 2014). Certified life, business coach, team coach (since 2015). About 800 hours of coaching with owners and employees of companies in IT, training business, freelancers in creative specialties; coaching teenagers.

Favorite specializations: the search for the vocation, creative potential realization, strategic planning.
"There are always more than two ways to solve any problem"

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